Who We Are

Our Purpose: To build disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Our Mission: We exist to model three simple truths; as followers of Christ we should love, grow, and serve.

1) Meet people where they are (LOVE) Our hope is to be a church that is impacting the community around us. We hope to not just be a building but to be a body. In order to impact our community we must know our community. We must be a church that goes to where people are and meets them on their terms.
2) Build healthy relationships (GROW) Our faith is first and foremost dependent on our growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As we grow to know Him more, we are to build relationships with the people we meet in order to model to them what a relationship with Christ looks like. 
3) Earn the right to share the Gospel (SERVE) As we are in the community building relationships, we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us and provide opporunities for us to share the Gospel. As we serve those around us, we earn the trust and the right to then proclaim Christ.

Our Vision: We desire to be a diverse family of devoted Christ followers.