Youth | 6th - 12th Grade

The TCAT Student Ministry stands on the principle that we care so much for each student that we see it as our goal to not only present and help students live out the gospel, but for us to share our lives with them as well. 


We hold it in the highest regard that students feel loved and cared for in our student mnistry. This goes from the layout of the room to how our leaders interact with students on a daily basis. We love our students so much that we seek them out in friendship.


We believe that every teen needs to be challenged, encouraged, and loved through discipleship. We believe that our small groups are the best chance for our students to really go deeper in their walk with the Lord. We focus a lot of our time in one on one discipleship and small groups and feel every teenager in our ministry should be plugged in to a small group here through the church.


Most importantly, we believe teenagers are fantastic leaders. We challenge every one of our students to find what God has gifted them with and serve in those areas. Whether it is missions, church ministries, or worship ministry, we know just how valuable our teenagers are in our church.